Our Philosophy

Our Philosophical Approach in Providing Security Services


The philosophical approach that governs the focus of our behavior, policies, and procedures and sets the parameters
of our decision making is established upon three foundational pillars:

1. Education & Training

The obtaining of knowledge and the application of that knowledge are the keys to maximum performance. Therefore, to ensure that our work product epitomizes a state of professional excellence, our Officers are continuously educated and trained in the duties they are expected to perform.

It is our firm conviction that the quality of an Officer’s work product begins with education and training. Therefore, to ensure that our work product is rooted in excellence, each Officer is efficiently trained prior to posting. Afterwards, quarterly training days are incorporated within every Officers work schedule, meaning that at a minimum, one day each quarter is spent in a training class receiving continual specialized instruction in their areas of service and expertise, thereby reinforcing and perfecting each Officer’s performance skills.

We also “cross train” our officers in related subject areas in order to broaden their capabilities and increase their versatility. It is a proven fact that an Officer’s performance on the job is as good as their training.

2. Performance

Performance is “Knowledge in Action.” As we expressed above, it is our major objective to ensure that every Officer is more than adequately educated and trained in every aspect of the duties and responsibilities that are expected of them to perform. However, if “performance” in that which is known is not executed, then our Mission and Vision cannot be realized. Therefore, a major emphasis and key focus is to ensure that there is a consistent performance of the specialized instruction provided. Every Officer is indoctrinated with the expectation that his or her individual behaviors must be governed by every policy and procedure in which they are instructed.

3. Accountability

To perpetually maintain and uphold the integrity and success of our Mission and Vision, we have established an effective system of accountability through and by the use of Contract Managers, Project Managers, and a tier of multi-leveled Supervision, which establishes a system of checks and balances that enforces the execution of the corporation’s prescribed values.