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We provide the following Physical Contract Security Services:

  • Residential Security
  • Retail & Commercial Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Security Assessments
  • Retail Loss Prevention Agents (Plain Clothes)
  • Tour Group Security (Hotels)
  • Club/Entertainment Security Officers
  • Armed / Unarmed Security Officers
  • Event Safety and Security Services
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Hotel Security
  • Fire Watch Officers
  • Hospital Security Officers

Security Services/Assessment Process

Before you make a decision on choosing a security company to protect your interests or to partner with, it is vitally important that you know the company’s “methodology” to providing your individually specific services. You need to know if the security company is astute in providing security services. Can they legitimately provide effective services? Or, are they just a money-seeking, opportunistic entity that is seeking to cash-in on and take advantage of our society’s genuine need for protection? Are the officers that will be providing your security services consciously aware of:

  1. What they are doing; and
  2. Of the most effective security sciences/practices or will they just be warm, human bodies there to fill a post at the absolute cheapest pay-rate in which the security company can hire?

IMMUNE Security Defense Agency

is an astute security provider that is legitimately qualified to secure your specific interests and to serve your protection needs WITHOUT HURTING OR DAMAGING YOUR SPECIFIC BRAND. In fact, we employ our very own proven and unique brand of “security science” when securing each and every one of our client’s specific interests. The methodology to our security science is founded upon the following approach:



Our Client Assessment process is the most important and foundational step in effectively securing our client’s interests. Once contacted by a client, a qualified IMMUNE Security Defense Agency Physical Security Specialist/Manager will:

  • Carefully listen to and communicate with the client to concretely establish an understanding of their goals, concerns, experiences, preestablished tolerances, and ultimately their specific circumstances/vulnerabilities and their desired results. It is within this meeting that a “diagnosis of the client’s circumstances” is determined.
  • Arrange to conduct a visual inspection of the physical location (Work site) to further evaluate the client’s circumstances/vulnerabilities.
  • Conclude the Client Assessment process by collaborating with the entire IMMUNE Security Defense Agency management team to discuss and analyze the information collected.


Once we complete the initial Client Assessment process and the “diagnosis of the client’s circumstances” is determined, our managerial team collaborates to formulate and recommend a prescribed security solution that is best suited to serve the client’s protection needs.

There are two components to our prescribed security solutions. The first component is the recommendation of the type(s) of security service(s) that would be best suited to reach the client’s desired results that were articulated in the initial Client Assessment process. Depending upon the client’s specific set of circumstances, a prescribed security solution may suggest the use of one or more of the following types of services that are tailored to their specific BRAND NEEDS:

  • Armed Officers
  • Unarmed Officers
  • Stationary and/or Patrol Officers
  • Access Control Stations/Officers
  • Technological Services
  • “Soft” Uniforms (Blazer, Slacks, Shirt, and Tie)
  • “Hard” Uniforms (Police Department Style)
  • Plain Clothes Officers (Undercover)
  • Foot Patrol
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • One or Multiple Officers
  • Key Control
  • Recommend Secured hours/times

Once the type(s) of service(s) are accepted by the client, the second component to the prescribed security solution is the development of a uniquely tailored set of policies and procedures (POST ORDERS) that will govern the thinking and behavior (Mental Postures) of the officers working that particular site. 

These Post Orders are designed to clearly express the “Do’s,” the “Don’ts,” the “How’s,” the “When’s,” the “Why’s,” and the “What To Do’s” when the unexpected arises. These policies and procedures are established upon the facts derived from the Client Assessment process and are geared toward protecting the client’s specific interests, minimizing and/or alleviating their vulnerabilities and concerns, and enhancing the client’s environments by our presence.

Once these two components are established and agreed upon, they represent a type of “prescription” or security product that shall serve as a remedy to the “diagnosis of the client’s circumstances.”


Once the assessment has been completed, the appropriate security solution has been selected and agreed upon, and the policies and procedures have been documented within post orders, it is now time to implement the prescription in the manner in which the post orders prescribe to obtain the client’s desired results. It is time to perform the services.

The Officers that are assigned to perform the services at each client location are carefully selected in a manner that matches the individual officer’s strengths, experiences, and training with the client’s specific needs that are predetermined through the assessment process. Once an officer is assigned, each officer is carefully indoctrinated in the post orders of that particular worksite and in the vision behind those post orders to enable the officer to fully understand the client’s desired results and the methodology prescribed to reach those desired results. In short, the officer will fully understand their purpose for being there and their performance/actions will be strictly governed by that purpose.

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Statement of Customer Service Philosophy and Approach

It is our philosophy and approach to providing exceptional customer service that greatly separates us from other security providers. It is our firm conviction that “knowing what to do” is just the beginning of reaching the level of performance that is expected of every Officer. We also firmly believe that the success of our Mission and Vision is reached by the “Manner” in which we provide our services. The mindset or character that produces the quality of performance that IMMUNE Security Defense Agency demands from its Officers is saturated by the ingredients of the following attitudes:

  1. Kindness - an outward expression of a mindset that is seeking to demonstrate goodness, gentleness, courtesy, and helpfulness.
  2. Patience - The steadfast ability to maintain self-control and a demeanor of non-impetuousness while bearing any circumstance of strain, adversity, or provocation.
  3. Wisdom - Ability to judge correctly and to follow the best course of action, based on knowledge and understanding.
  4. Trustworthiness - Possessing a character that others can depend and rely upon and in which their confidence is placed.
  5. Respect - Holding others in high regard and demonstrating a feeling of honor and esteem towards them.
  6. Compassion - Demonstrating sorrow for the sufferings or trouble of another, accompanied by an urge to help.
  7. Humility - A freedom from arrogance.
  8. Selflessness - Places the well-being of others above themselves.
  9. Honesty - Possessing a character of fairness, truthfulness, genuineness, and sincerity - one that will not lie, cheat or steal.
  10. Integrity - Possessing a mindset of moral soundness.

These behavioral ingredients produce genuine expressions of customer service. They are the sum character traits of our corporate entity and must be embodied within and expressed through the performance of every employee.